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Barbecue Follies - Tres

This is a barbecue joint – never call it a restaurant City Boy!

Just for the hell of it I googled ‘old school pulled pork’.   Why??  Because I just wanted to peek and see if things was as out of kilter as I expected; it was worse than imagined.   About half the page of Google results were recipes for cooking a Boston Butt in a crockpot.  Christ on a cracker!  WTH is up with that?  You think maybe I am a barbecue snob?  I would disagree;  more succinctly I would say I am a barbecue purist ….. and I

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Solar Arrays, Pukin' Oil, Boiled Batteries and Memphis BBQ

We were sittin’ out in the shank of the evening doing the happy hour thing and wishin’ the heat of the day would just get on out of here.  A cold beer does help mightily to dispense the heat and the YETI Tundra Cooler was doing its’ exceptional job of keeping the beer stock at a temp just above Arctic ice water.  The Yeti doesn’t move from its’ corner of the wood deck these days and it is automatic when anybody goes to town to stop by David’s and get a big bag of the ‘good ice’.   My Sis-in-law was

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Caliche Blues

I am tired of the caliche dust that puffs up fine as smoke at the slightest breath of breeze or tire roll. I am worn  by the drone of the diesels and the clatter of empty tankers.  13 Sundays have passed since our last time off.

Out before daylight this morning, the Carharrt Vest felt good at 48 degrees and a wind out of the northwest at 12.  The weatherman can’t make up his mind today whether or not we have a chance of rain. It is damp outside with a heavy dew and that adds to the chill.  Miss Kathy

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Good Eats - A Pictorial Essay

The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker continues to be a huge hit.  I now realize the key to a good piece of smoked meat is a smoker that is easy to use  — you will use it more and get better at it.  Checking in folks at the gate affords the perfect opportunity to do a little smoking in the side.


Chicken breast with smoked potatoes



Pork ribs and potatoes



Hellacious rack of ribs



On the plate with some Mexican creamed corn



8lb pork butt


Dammit that's good! Pulled pork sandwiches,cole saw,kosher dill strips



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