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Things in the Road

Piddlin’ outside the NO Princess Palace

It is just sorta the way it goes down here in the Puckerbrush. The weather has been admirable; after all it is my favorite time of the year. A few mornings down into the high 40’s and then quick to warm up to 80 or better. Still shorts and sandals weather for sure. And then this morning, frost on the windshield of the Big Ass Suburban.  BAM!; just like that! No easin’ into it or getting acclimated. It just was.  I got a flowback crew that come in yesterday so I was out

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Our Neighborhood

Miss K and I share our boondocking  neighborhood with a motley and varied crew.  Truck drivers hauling salt water out and pipe in, Company Men with a phone firmly to their ear as they check in at the oil field gate and roughnecks with grime covering the tattoos that snake up their arms.  Every day the same; every day a tad different.

There is a frac pit down below us here just a little bit.  A big ugly square hole pushed out of a field and lined with black plastic.  All straight and business it is; nothing aesthetic about it.  When

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It's the Snake Thing Again

A couple of evenings ago I was sitting at the dinette relaxing after a long day of oil field gate guarding and noticed a pair of headlights stop on the road about 200yds from the Old Girl.  They backed up, made a little jink toward the ditch and backed up again.  The guy got out for a few minutes and then drove on up to the Old Girl to check out the gate.  It was Aaron, one of our faves who has been here awhile doing flowback testing on one of the wells.  Miss Kathy went  to check him out

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I like my job but…

On densely forested tracts like this 800 acres north of Newton,TX,  I know they are out there.  It just goes without saying.

When we first get on a job and we are talking to the landowner or Ranch Manager, one of the questions I always ask is “Rattlesnakes bad around here?”

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Now mind you, I am not scared of snakes or anything like that.  I just don’t like the way they complicate my life.  Texas is home to 10 species of rattlesnakes, more than any other state except Arizona.  Out of the 10, only 3 of the species

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