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Lifestyle Headache

My Bro wins the fight with a West TX buzztail. Exemplary trigger protocol on an old school S&W 5906.

Well in to the summer down here in the puckerbrush even though the calendar says we are a coupla weeks shy; several days already over 100 with oppressive humidity. That equals energy in the atmosphere and that means severe thunderstorms. Had one blow through here a week or so ago from the northwest with

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The Puckerbrush Irregular - Vol. 4-17

Brush Country Cowboy

At 4:14am this morning, the driveway alarm jangled me out of a deep sleep. Vela Von and I snapped to and peeped out the window ’cause you just don’t rush out the door helter skelter at that hour if you are smart. I could make out a vehicle with no lights slowly inching closer to my dark gate. The motion detector light triggered and illuminated a non-oilpatch flavor older Dodge

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Drowning in Chinese Crap

BUY AMERICAN! Yeah, sure, good luck with that!

CAMCO Chinese crap

Honest, I try my best to source American made goods whenever I can even if it costs a bit more. About all I got left to do that might make some sort of miniscule difference is voting with my pocketbook. All I got to say is that it is getting harder and harder especially when the

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Little Bears

My Sis in Law getting some use out of the DTB.

I wrote some months back about my frustration with Yamaha Motorsports and the fruitless attempt to get my ailing Yamaha EF2000iS properly lined out. My solution to their desultory customer service was to plan on selling Little Blue and replacing it with a Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator. For those late to the game, Little Blue started leaking prodigious

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