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More Beans?

K.I.S.S. == Our little corner of the World. It gives me comfort

Gate Guard Life: The 20′ flame on the flare stack just down the road is standing straight up this morning. No wind; I hate that.  The  caliche dust from the traffic on the road hangs like a low fog with no currents of wind to disburse it.  It sticks in my throat and films the top of my coffee.  I can feel the grit on my skin.  The scenery seldom changes where I sit.



I wish I could figure out just what in the hell is going on

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Hi-Yo Silver!

 ‘A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty Hi-Yo Silver!’


A cloud of dust….. My last view of the Old Girl

Tried my damndest to get rid of the Old Girl on San Antone AND Laredo Craig’s List.  No bueno.  Didn’t get a single bite.  I must have misjudged the interest in the desirability of that sweet little 6 cylinder diesel buried under the bed.  Miss K said I was being too severe in my description of the condition.  Mebbe so.  I wanted everyone to be crystal clear that the Old

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$1000 a Day

A summer South Texas gully washer rolls in

4:52AM after a night of steady rain and the gate is open because I don’t like to traipse out through that mud every time a truck comes in or out. Gotta keep a close eye out for the Mama Cow and her Evil Herd — they have already proved they can vanish through those open gates in a mere eye blink. All you see is cow tails straight in the air as they run down the caliche road toward Los Angeles (TX) and points West. The Bastards! Gotta watch ’em close!


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Oklahoma Credit Card


Not a La Frontera Bandito -Just me wiping off the sweat. Honest.

Only in Texas can you get snowed on and sunburned in the same day.  Weather extremes are justa kinda given  down this way. Yesterday marked the first day  the water heater was unnecessary  for a shower….. which means it is just danged hot down here in South Texas.  I watch all the rig boys, roughnecks and pipeliners going in and out the gate and just wonder how it is they are able to survive in this scorching heat.  My outside schedule is much abbreviated.  I try to

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