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Change in Latitude

Tuco the Dog

4:18am Saturday 12/21/2013. The A/C just kicked on in the Princess Palace. Tuco the Dog doesn’t seem to care one way or the other. A silly dog doesn’t care if it is necessary to run the A/C 4 days before Christmas. Go figure.

The little trio that is us blew out of the pucker brush for some long overdue time away from anything that even remotely resembled oil patch commerce.

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Terlingua Reprise - 110 Days

Andy’s Note: As of 4/3/2012, Miss K and I are back working a gate in the Brush Country of South Texas. The Terlingua Reprise series of posts that will follow the next week or so recount our time off in South Brewster County.

Weed Wash at dawn

110 days is too long a stretch to go without a day off. For those uninitiated in the ways of oil field gate guards, I am

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A Special Corner of Hell

The Fish Bus in the thick of it

Want to know about our short assignment following the frac crew outside of Bowie, TX? Well, it went like this. Miss K had to rush out and buy both of us fire retardant clothing to the tune of $171 — we footed that bill. We already had the steel toed boots and hardhats, safety glasses etc.

We rolled up just outside of Bowie, TX while

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Caliche Blues

I am tired of the caliche dust that puffs up fine as smoke at the slightest breath of breeze or tire roll. I am worn by the drone of the diesels and the clatter of empty tankers. 13 Sundays have passed since our last time off.

Out before daylight this morning, the Carharrt Vest felt good at 48 degrees and a wind out of the northwest at 12. The weatherman can’t make up his mind

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