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Kool Inside

(Oh, how my kids hate it when I start out a story ‘Back in the day………’  Roll your eyes kiddos, here we go.)


On the door of an old country store


Back in the day (LOL), early 60’s probably, when we still had the phones with a rotary dial on them and they came in one color -black-  and you still found the occasional car or truck with a three on the tree, air conditioning was not a widespread given as it is today.  This was especially true in the rural areas.

As times changed and these little country stores ‘upgraded’,

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Roughing it only goes so far -- adding a portable air conditioner

I would like a room with a view please.

Last year about this time, we were down south by Bryan/College Station and had a problem with lack of air conditioning. We only had 30 amps of service available and could not run both rooftop air conditioners at the same time – no way, no how. The solution was to buy a small window AC that would not overburden the current amp capacity. We installed the AC in a window over the couch and it worked just dandy. At the end of the season last year, we

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