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After all, It is just an RV

The Old Girl on a high ridge above Cranfills Gap, TX ca. 2007

When I bought the Old Girl, what was it?  Almost 10 years ago?  there was no cognizance regarding a recreational vehicle as a central fixture of my Master Plan.  It was a whim.  I was fat.  Crossed my mind an RV would be a nice toy.  I bought one.  Every thing happens for a reason.  I knew that then.  I BELIEVE in it now.

Most folks are going to tell you an RV is a nice place to visit but they ain’t wanting to live there.  Rightly

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The Big Hails

Big Hail Aftermath 3/31/2013

One year ago , Easter Sunday 3/31/2013,  hail as big as grapefruit descended on our little South Texas enclave. In the space of just a few minutes, the hail and 80mph winds managed to destroy the Old Girl and do over $6k damage to the Big Ass Suburban.

With the help of our online family and the fact not a day of work was missed,  the Old Girl was replaced by the Princess Palace in the early part of May.  The Big Ass Suburban glass was replaced but it still wears the sheet metal war

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A Lifetime of Stoopid

Self portrait:  Puckerbrush Curmudgeon at 58

You ever been able to look back and pinpoint exactly where your life took a turn onto a different road?  Uh huh, me too.  Once upon a time,  schools in America actually taught subjects you had to master before they allowed you to pass on to the next grade or graduate.  Novel concept that has been sidestepped and deemed unnecessary in 21st Century Estados Unidos.  My downfall was Chemistry class in high school and college.  My high school chem classes were taught by a pair of opprobrious males that pushed that profligate envelope

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More Beans?

K.I.S.S. == Our little corner of the World. It gives me comfort

Gate Guard Life: The 20′ flame on the flare stack just down the road is standing straight up this morning. No wind; I hate that.  The  caliche dust from the traffic on the road hangs like a low fog with no currents of wind to disburse it.  It sticks in my throat and films the top of my coffee.  I can feel the grit on my skin.  The scenery seldom changes where I sit.



I wish I could figure out just what in the hell is going on

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