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Riding Herd on the Bad Boys

I wish! This sign was spotted just outside of Alpine, TX

Now, to some of you, this is gonna make sense and to others it is going to be like trying to understand Chinese arithmetic. Most of a gate guard’s day is spent avoiding getting addlepated from the sun and swallowing a gallon of caliche dust. All that changes if they are building new roads or drilling pads at your location. Construction is

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Mildly Interesting Crap

Dirt bath for a roadrunner

What do you do if it doesn’t rain and you need a bath? If you are our Resident Roadrunner and Official Gate Guard Mascot it is no problemo! Just find a spot of soft, fluffy dirt and go to town.

. . . . . .

FoxNews is reporting that an obese woman’s body fat caused an Austrian crematorium to burn down. Wonder if the insurance covered that?

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Control your World

Miss K at work

Being back in the heart of the oil field boom has afforded some opportunities for those that watch more than they talk. Miss K and I have found it interesting to observe how our gate guard ‘neighbors’ do business. We have some neighbors directly across the fence and several more right down the way. The other neighbors are not GGS contractors.

Our neighbors across the fence recently departed for

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Tips From a Veteran Oil Field Gate Guard

Some gates are not picturesque……..

That first oil field gate guard assignment is scary as hell isn’t it? You follow your supervisor out to the gate 5 miles down a rough caliche road on the backside of nowhere. The gate guard you are replacing is all packed and anxious to go; your supervisor has 2 more pads to set up yet today. It is a flurry of activity…

You are learning a new

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