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Pride Goeth Before A Fall

Mud and Snow, Snow and Mud

I guess I am pretty good at preachifying and handing out advice to readers of this blog. I do it all the time – just like the other day when I was talking about Winter Survival options. I was feeling pretty danged smug and sure of myself for real. Now don’t read me wrong here. The advice in that post was all good solid stuff based on

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Basic Winter RV Survival 101

This is the farthest North the Old Girl has been in 4 winters. I guess I have gotten a little lax because I gotta say the weather caught me off guard.

Everything was rockin’ along fine until a few days before Christmas. We were working daylight till dark 6 days a week and I had little time to think of anything else. The 2 biggest problems were the water supply and sewage disposal. The city

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