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The Front Yard

I am late coming to solar power. Shame on me. As much as we have been off grid over the years, I shoulda done better. I was trying to think the last time I plugged into a pedestal and I am thinking it was maybe August of 2011?

The Princess Palace is not set up as well for offgrid boondocking as the Old Girl.  No big battery bank, no onboard generator; there had best be an umbilical close by if you are hangin’ in the Palace.  Since I have been thinking alot of late about what would

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2 weeks later

Propane smoker smokerin’

So I look up and it has been 2 weeks since my last post.  Life gets in the way looks like.  Now I haven’t been slacking but each day in the saddle gets a bit more tiring than the day before.  The fatigue accumulates over time and we are on the tail end of a good long work stretch.  I have not had a day off since March.   Miss K, on the other hand, is toughing it out pretty danged good.  Seems like she cooks more and better as the work days stack one on top

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How the Mighty have fallen– My RAZR phone with cracked glass and packing tape

You wouldn’t know it but I used to be a techno-dog of highest order.  Yeah, sure did. Back in the day.  Al Gore had just invented the Internet.  I had a 300 baud modem and an IBM 8088 machine.  I used to call a local BBS and download craploads of free crappy software and run it on my monochrome monitor.   State of the art back in the day.  Back then a website was the cranny out in the barn where that spider built her web. 

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