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Kolaches 'n' Tacos

Back in the younger days when I was a truck drivin’ outlaw, I managed to make it to every state in the Continental US at least twice.  I think I am lucky in that respect because not everyone is afforded that opportunity.  Some states fell under the heading of  how fast I could get outta there — like New Jersey and Connecticut. Others sorta grew on me.  You are gonna get a laugh out of this but I really, really liked Northern Maine.

Keep in mind I was still a naive country boy in many respects.  The only family vacation I

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Waiting for a Gate....4 reasons you don't have a job.

The overwhelming oil field gate guard topic of discussion via email this past few weeks has centered on the availability of jobs.   Several of the good folks that were counting on a gate guard job for the winter months are being told they are to report to the ‘yard’ and wait on a gate or they are just flat out being told there are no openings available at the present time.

Doesn’t surprise me a whole lot –they missed the ‘window’.   When Miss K and I and others were grinding it out in the dust and heat of one of the

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Lonestar Beer is for Tourists - Part One

When I mention our home base is/will be Terlingua,  most Texans have a general idea of where and what I am talking about.   Texas is a whole ‘nother country you know.  That is what they say anyway.  Terlingua is even another country beyond that.

Texas is not for the faint of heart nor the easily cowed.  Discount the Metro areas of the state which exhibit the same metro-ness of any other heavily populated area in any other state.  Throw out the interstate enclaves which spring up at any heavily traveled interstate exit.  Franchise America has rubber stamped that sameness whether it

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Readers Write - Tell Me About Gate Guarding in Texas

Reader L asks me:

Texas Oilfield Gate Guard Location

Hi Andy & Kathy,
Enjoyed reading your blog… My husband Tom & I are a little older than ya’ll, 66/63 and have enjoyed fulltiming since 1999. We have also decided to keep our home and rent it along with other properties to have a second income. That being said, we still like to work a little and play a little and had seen an ad in Workamper for TX oilfield gate jobs at $125/day. We have only boondocked for short periods and usually work summers for the ACOE campgrounds. We would like

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