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Two Ways

I decided since we live so perilous close to the edge out here in the pucker brush that needful action is in order for 2014. It is not just the blowdown winds, big hails or buzz tails as big as your arm and long as your leg we gotta worry about doin’ our gate guard thing. King Obama could unleash the hounds of hell on us most any day as well . I think it

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Collateral Deafness

McKinney, TX. January. 2011

New Years Day 2014. The Eagle Ford never sleeps. They are rigging down on the Sidewinder rig that has been here for two months. Somebody told me it is the biggest land rig in Texas. I can hear them slinging pipe on the Flex 5 up the way and when I poke my head out the door, no less than a dozen flare stacks are runnin’ hot out

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