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It's the dust colored one tire dude.....

AKA Surviving the South Texas Pucker Brush

The Suburban was the dustiest vehicle on the premises

Some of our Winter Texans that are planning on an oil field gate guard job invest quite a bit of time researching their new jobs before they head off down to South Texas and I gotta give ’em credit. Miss Kathy calls it due diligence and thorough research is recommended because it is different down here. A

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The Perils of Big Bend, TX

Rock road in Big Bend National Park

Another story from the recent Terlingua, West Texas RV road trip……

There are plenty of gotcha’s around the Big Bend area of Southwest Texas. Rattlesnakes and scorpions fall to mind. People get lost or underestimate the Chihuahuan Desert and die every year. One of the most prevalent gotcha’s is tire problems. This environment plays hell with tires. Thorns from mesquite or cacti easily puncture a tire.

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The First Good Sweat

83 degrees today and time to get cracking on some overdue maintenance on the Old Girl. Late this week I ordered some new front tires for the Old Girl from Tire Rack. I have been using Tire Rack for years and one of the things I really like is their rating system. Tire owners, like you and me, rate the tires they have bought on about a dozen different factors like dry traction, wet traction,

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New Rubber for the 'Burb

Buying new tires for the Suburban is always an exhausting exercise… and these Kumhos have seen their best day. I have to have 10 ply tires (Load Range E) to handle the heavy loads I sometimes pull and protect from punctures. Some of the places we go, everything either sticks or bites you. Big ol’ mesquite thorns go through flimsy tires like a laser beam. I have to have all terrain tires to pull

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