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Thanks for the Memories….

BEFORE- Acres of impenetrable brush and miles of pine trees

One of the things about getting older is the time just seems to fly by!  It does not seem like I have been here north of Newton, Tx for 51 weeks.   Don’t get me wrong,  it has been a good run here.  Nice people, a great job near completion and a profitable endeavor. Can’t really ask more than that now can you?  The only negative aspect was the distance to the sticks and bricks in Dallas.  280 miles one way is not a casual trip.


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Conserving Water while Boondocking in your RV

Water conservation tips and tricks to utilize when boondocking on a long term basis in your recreational

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Sunday Chores at the Fulltimer Base

Unless the work schedule is all jacked up because of forecast bad weather interfering with a project deadline, Sundays are an off day. Today was a pretty routine Sunday. Sleep till the sun streams in the window and wakes me up; which equates to 715am or so. It was chilly at 37 degrees so I warmed up the Old Girl with the Little Buddy propane heater as the coffee was brewing. CBS Sunday Morning on the TV and checking emails took about an hour. I decided to take some coffee outside to the “Church of

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