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Lonestar Beer is for Tourists - Part Two

The National Beer of Texas? — ummmmmm, no.

These days you can’t take much at face value or at least it seems that way. That nice lady with cancer in Nigeria that emailed you really doesn’t need your help getting that US $35 million out of the country. Lone Star is now owned by Pabst Brewing and they haven’t brewed it in San Antone since 2000. Get my drift? Smoke and mirrors. Talk

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Just hang around 5 minutes and it'll change......

Ummmmmm! Turkey!

Boredom. Monotony. Heat. Wind. Dust. Weather Bug says it is 106 degrees at 3pm. That is the gate guard life. Miss Kathy and I try and take advantage of the reduced traffic volume on the weekends. Usually that means something is cookin’ up in the electric smoker. This weekend the entree’ is smoked turkey.

Finally! I get to go off shift and sit still for a little bit in the cool

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Who's Gonna Stop the Rain?

Sometimes I think of our projects as a battle- a battle against

The "fixed" water crossing

the elements and a battle against the terrain. Having access to earth moving equipment gives me an advantage of “fixing” things to make life easier. The drive way into this location was a mess when I first pulled the Old Girl into the property. An improper culvert installation had caused the driveway to be cut by

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A Rainy Winter Day

On days like today, I think back to the days of high summer. Long, hot dry days with the grass scorched brown, the 2 AC units in the Old Girl running full blast to fend off the heat.Choking clouds of dust that boiled up behind the dozers as they inched across the parched soil and heat waves that shimmered across the cracked ground. The work went on for days on end and pretty soon

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