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Ramble on Wayne! Ramble on Garth!

East of  Cotulla 80 days into what was supposed to be a 40 day job.  They trip pipe, they go back in the hole.  The directional crew shows up, they go home, they come back a week later.  Flatbeds of casing pipe show up at midnight and are gone by first light.  The company supplying drill bits is here 3X in one day and stays gone for the next 2 weeks.  It has been a tight hole for the last 6 weeks.  I got no clue what is going on up there.  We may be here until Christmas.


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Gimme a minute to find it.........

A visit from the Ranch Owner

Every day life these days seems to consist of bitty pieces of paper with notes scrawled on them that were apparently important at some point this week.   Yeah, it has come down to that in order for me to remember crap that needs remembering.  Sunday seems to be the day to clear through the mess and start the week fresh so let’s see what we got here——-

I finally got all my stuff that the Bad UPS Lady scattered across a good part of La Salle County, South Texas,  US of A  — no

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WTF? The Wilson Electronics 801245 SOHO Amp Fails Again!

With a title like this, you would expect a rant against Wilson Electronics. Not the case today folks, read on to find out the circumstances.

My one year old Wilson Amp failed and Wilson  replaced it quickly.  3 weeks ago, the Wilson Electronics 801245 SOHO Cellular Amplifier sent as a replacement failed as well — after less than a week in service.  It got very hot and then all the status lights went out and it would not power up.  WTF right?  Another call to Wilson Electronics Tech  Support in St. George, UT was in order.  I was getting way

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Wilson Electronics Makes the Grade....

I sure have missed my Wilson Electronics 801245 SOHO amplifier. It failed as all mechanical things eventually do.   The bidirectional cellular amplifier is a necessity — not a convenience in my RV boondocking environment.  Since the demise of the Wilson Amp I have been dealing with a signal that fluctuates between -95 and -109dbm.  Think in the terms of it taking 15 minutes to upload a blog entry.  It was excruciating but what are you gonna do?  Excruciating but better than the alternative of zero internet access.

When I called Wilson with the dead amp and they gave me instructions

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