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The Wilson 801245 Amplifier Fails

Wonder why there have been few posts lately? All things mechanical and electronic can fail. I turned on the Wilson 801245 bidirectional dual band cellular amplifier the other day.  Instead of 3 steady green lights, all 3 lights were flashing on and off and I was getting no signal boost.

Wilson 801245 SOHO cellular amplifier

The only thing to do was call Wilson Tech Support in St. George, UT USA. The 801245 amp was a few months past the 12 month warranty period so I was interested as to how they would handle the failure. Glenn

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The Ultimate Internet Access Project – Part Four. Why Wilson Electronics?

A remote jobsite north of Newton, TX. March 2009

The orders have been placed for the new equipment. I will detail the equipment purchases in detail in Part Five. I will let you know that I chose Wilson Electronics for the bi-directional cellular amplifier and the inside antenna. The question is Why?

From an average consumers point of view, these factors influenced my decision.

!) Wilson has a great reputation for quality and performance.

!) Wilson Electronics products are American made and yes, that does make a difference to me.

!) The amplifiers are built like a tank.

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