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June Vignettes

At the Secret Hideout

Tuco the Dog and I have been at the Secret Hideout 104 days now. The Monsoons of May have passed and My Bro headed out last week to finally get back to work. You can’t push dirt if it’s mud ya know. Worked out just ’bout right. He graciously offered his generator which is the twin to my ailing Little Blue. I made the 100 mile roundtrip to Waco

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Kool Inside

(Oh, how my kids hate it when I start out a story ‘Back in the day………’ Roll your eyes kiddos, here we go.)


On the door of an old country store


Back in the day (LOL), early 60’s probably, when we still had the phones with a rotary dial on them and they came in one color -black- and you still found the occasional car or truck with a three on the

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What a Relief! Window Air Conditioner Unit Installed

The Texas heat is not letting up and I had to come up with a plan to get some relief. I wrote about the problems I was facing with just 30 amp service last week and the inability to run both roof top mounted air conditioning units simultaneously on only 30 amps.

The only option was to purchase a small window air conditioner – hoping it would operate on the existing 20 amp breaker

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