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RV Heating 2011 -- Electrical Capacity

Me and the '96 Camaro at Nashvegas

A few years back when I was still doing the race car thing,  I trekked off to Nashville Superspeedway for a weekend of racing.   I took the Old Girl and my 28′ enclosed car hauler with the ’96 Camaro in it.  One of the unexpected bonuses to the trip were the parking accommodations.

The 1.3 mile oval Speedway has hosted 2 Busch races and two Truck series races annually since it opened in 2001.  It has never been the site of a Sprint Cup race.   I got to park the Old Girl in

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Winter Heating for Your RV - 2011 Edition

Every year about this time I re-visit the subject of winter heating for your recreational vehicle. This post from 2009 explores how we stay warm in the Old Girl through a moderate Texas winter.   I am thankful we don’t try to winter over farther north in an RV.  They are just not made to endure day after day of extreme cold.  I do have one reader that I know of, Coal, who winters over in a Fiver In Canada so it can be done. I am not that tough by a long shot.   Boondocking during a mild Texas winter is

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It Ain't Right.....

I honestly thought there would be no blog post today.  You know I don’t post unless I have something to say that I think is worth sharing.  Plus I have posted something every day for over two weeks straight so maybe y’all just needed a break from reading my drivel.

So it was a normal morning here on the oil field gate outside Muenster, TX.  It was cool and quiet with little traffic in the hours before daylight.  Miss K was hopefully getting some good sleep in the quiet with no AC units running.  I was reading through my morning assortment

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Readers Write - Winter Heating Tips for your Recreational Vehicle

Well, it is October and that means the Subject D’Jour is Winter Heating Options for your recreation vehicle. I have talked about this subject in past posts.

Surviving the Arctic Blast


Winter Heating for your Recreational Vehicle

Reader Carl wrote us:

Hello, my name is Carl and I recently found your website on living full time out of your RV. I am still rather new at this having gotten laid off in march of 2009. I lost my home and my car when I got laid off. In order to try and make a positive out of a very bad situation,

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